Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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I/We agree with the following terms and conditions with the use of MantaPlay for the purpose of booking swimming coaches for swimming lessons.

  1. The information entered is correct and accurate.

  2. The deduction of the booking fee will take place once the selected coach has confirmed the lesson.

  3. I/we understand that I/we will not be able to involve MantaPlay once I proceed with a separate arrangement with coach who was being referred by MantaPlay. 

  4. The fees and charges may subject change from time to time. Refer to the “Fees” menu in MantaPlay for the latest fees. 

  5. No switching or changing of swimming coaches, students and/or venue will be allowed once the booking of lessons have been confirmed by the coach.

  6. I/we agree with the conditions set up under the Cancellation/Refund policy.

  7. In event of inclement weather conditions, I agree with the coach’s decision on whether to continue the lessons. I understand that a coach can choose to conduct land drills or engage the student in water safety awareness training or any other relevant activities.  

  8. I/we understand that class replacement is only available for private 1-1 class and not available for group class. 

  9. I/we will not hold the coach responsible for any accidents that happened before or after the student is being sent or picked up respectively by their caregiver.

  10. I/we understand and aware that there will not be any additional time catered if the student is late for the lesson.

  11. For any disputes arising between I/we and Coach, MantaPlay can only provide the communication records to the relevant parties for resolution.  

  12. In an event that the original coach is unable to continue the remaining lessons,
    - I/we agree to let MantaPlay find another coach to resume from where I/we left off with the original coach.

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