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1. How do I find a coach?

Go to our homepage > Choose your preferred location > Click 'Search'. Coaches who are teaching at the location will be seen.

1. What is the wet weather plan at MantaPlay?

In the event of an inclement weather conditions, coach will decide whether to continue the lessons. He/She can choose to conduct land drills or engage student in water safety awareness training or any other relevant activities.

2. How does class replacement works in MantaPlay?

Class replacement is only available for private 1-1 class and not available for group class.

3. What if the student miss the lesson?

There is no class replacements or refund for students who miss the lesson.

4. How much are your fees?

Kindly refer to this page 

1. Can I get a refund after booking a lesson?

Once lesson is confirmed by selected coach, no refunds will be allowed.

2. Can I switch or change coaches after booking a lesson?

No switching or changing of swimming coaches, students and/or venue  will be allowed once booking of lessons have been confirmed by coach.

2. How does class expiry works?

Once a lesson is booked, a class expiry date will be auto generated which the lesson is to be attended before the due date.

Note that class replacements must be completed before class expiry date.

1. What kind of payment method you accept?

We accept credit or debit cards as the mode of payment. 

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