Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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As the registered swimming coach in MantaPlay, I agree with the following terms and conditions governing the use of MantaPlay. If found to have violated these conditions, I will bear any legal costs and charges and agree to let MantaPlay decide the course of action.

  1. I confirm that the information entered is correct and accurate. For any false or inaccurate information provided, I will not hold MantaPlay responsible in any manner.

  2. I am responsible for ensuring my availability is updated to the latest in MantaPlay.

  3. I understand and agree that my account will be deactivated by MantaPlay if I reject more than 3 bookings per month.

  4. I understand that I will not be able to involve MantaPlay once I proceed with a separate arrangement with user/student who was being referred by MantaPlay. 

  5. I agree that I will keep users’ information in the strictest confidence and will not disclose to any party without MantaPlay’s and the user’s permission.   

  6. I agree that I will not transfer any users/students to another swim coach or swimming schools in Singapore. If found doing so, MantaPlay reserves its rights to take legal action against me and all legal costs will be borne by me.

  7. I am responsible for ensuring the safety of user/students throughout the lessons. 

  8. For any accidents that resulted due to my negligence,  I understand that I will have to bear a portion of medical costs as agreed by the user/student.

  9. I will be punctual for every lesson. If due to unforeseen circumstances that I am unable to turn up for the lesson, I will notify the student/user immediately via SMS/WhatsApp and offer a class replacement at no cost.

  10. In event of inclement weather conditions, the coach reserves the right to decide whether to continue the lessons. Alternatively, a coach can choose to conduct land drills or engage the student in water safety awareness training or any other relevant activities.  

  11. For any disputes arising between me and the student/user, MantaPlay can only provide the communication records to the relevant parties for resolution. 

  12. I understand that I will receive my coach fees from MantaPlay one working day after conducting the 1st lesson through my PayNow registered mobile number. If 1st lesson did not happen as per schedule, MantaPlay will hold the payment until the completion of the next lesson.

  13. I agree that my coach fees for 12-lesson sign up will have a discount of 5%. This discount will also apply to MantaPlay’s service fee. The purpose is to encourage more 12-lesson signups.

  14. I agree to participate in MantaPlay’s promotions from time to time.

  15. In an event that I am unable to continue the remaining lessons,
    - I agree to pay back the coach fees plus the administrative fee of $100 of the remaining lessons to MantaPlay within 15 calendar days. Failing this, MantaPlay reserves its right to take legal action against me. 

    I agree to let MantaPlay find another coach to resume from where I left off with the affected student(s).

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