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Why You’ll Love Mantaplay


For Parents

MantaPlay represents Trust, Safety and Quality

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For Coaches

MantaPlay lets you focus on what’s important: your lessons, not the admin!

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For Learners

MantaPlay matches you with the right coach to speed up your progression

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Why You’ll Love Mantaplay

Peace of Mind

All MantaPlay coaches must meet a stringent eligibility criteria, and are carefully screened by our team, ensuring your children will have a safe yet enriching experience while they learn and grow!

Progress You Can See

In most swimming lessons, children are grouped together without regard to their age. This can make it difficult for younger students to keep up with their peers—and puts them at risk of losing confidence in the water.

MantaPlay’s age-grouped approach to swim lessons allows students at the same age range learn together at an appropriate pace, allowing them to gain the confidence needed to become better swimmers.

Fast and Efficient. Easy and Secure

Not only does MantaPlay matches the best swim teacher to your child, but we also make it easy to book classes, confirm your slot and pay for lessons securely —all within 48 hours!

Be Rewarded

We reward you every time you book a class or review a swim coach through MantaPlay. Earn points that you can redeem for exclusive merchandise, discounts and other exciting incentives offered by our merchant partners.

Free 6-Month Insurance

Take advantage of our no-strings-attached, complimentary 6-month personal accident insurance for your child’s first booking. A minimum of 4 lessons per booking applies.

Protection of Income

MantaPlay will never take any commission on your coaching fees! We recommend a minimum fee for all lessons, and if you wish, you may even customize your preferred amount. What’s more, we also set standard policies against wet weather - so your income remains protected rain or shine.

We “Do the Admin ”, So You Don’t Have to

MantaPlay doesn't just find, match and secure students for you. It eliminates the hassle of administration by fully automating your fee collection and class scheduling, freeing you up to focus on what you're best at – coaching!

And did we mention that you can also upload multiple student entries into your MantaPlay account with a single click? (Add this para once i get more clarity on the upload process)

No More Late Payments

Late payments will be a thing of the past! Your fees will be transferred directly to your bank account once your first lesson is completed, and you are free to cash out your earnings at any time, anywhere.

Maximize Your Time

With MantaPlay, there is no more running around the island to deliver classes! Our smart algorithm matches you with students who live near you, saving you time and making it a breeze to schedule lessons.

Professional Branding

MantaPlay’s smart profile creator and white labeling system (add later) help you create great-looking webpages and listings that elevate your branding as a professional swim coach! What’s more, our system automatically prompts customers to leave you not only a review, but also encourages them to make on-the-spot renewals so that you can continue to grow your business – even while you sleep.

No Referral Fees

With MantaPlay, you have the freedom to engage your customers directly. One-on-one or in groups, with MantaPlay, you're in control. Not the middleman!

No Subscription Fees

MantaPlay’s mission is to help you create a long-term, sustainable career by helping others succeed. This translates into our 0% subscription fees and there is absolutely no charge to create your MantaPlay account.

Be Rewarded

By creating an account with MantaPlay, you'll automatically be enrolled in our rewards program that offers exciting incentives and discounts from our merchant partners.

Go from Good, to Great

Develop your currency of knowledge by taking advantage of MantaPlay’s professional development courses. These courses are developed by partners from reputable Institutes of Higher Learning, so you’re not only able to learn new skills, but also clock in continuous coaching education (CCE) hours for your coaching certification renewal.

Free 6-Month Insurance for your trainees

Help parents enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our free 6-month personal accident insurance for every first booking. A minimum of 4 lessons per booking applies.

Peace of Mind

All MantaPlay coaches meet strict eligibility criteria and are screened thoroughly to ensure you a safe environment for learning and growth.

Progress You Can See

With MantaPlay, you will experience real progress in both your swimming skills and level of confidence! That's because our age-grouped approach to swim lessons groups learners of the same age together so you can learn at a pace that is best suited for you.

Fast and Efficient. Easy and Secure

MantaPlay offers more than just a smart way to find a swimming instructor! With our automated booking system, you can view available classes at a glance, confirm your slot and make secure payments easily. All within 48 hours!

Be Rewarded

MantaPlay is your gateway to rewards! For every class booking or swim coach review you make, you’ll instantly earn MantaPlay points that let you redeem incentives and discounts offered through our merchant partners.

Free 6-Month Insurance

For peace of mind, take advantage of our free 6-month personal accident insurance with your first booking. A minimum of 4 lessons per booking applies.

Our Coaches Are Waiting to Meet You!

Our coaches are experienced, qualified professionals who have undergone rigorous training and passed our stringent selection criteria. They are passionate about water safety and committed to helping every student reach their full potential.

MantaPlay Pledge of Quality and Trust

Quality & Trust

We, at MantaPlay are parents, too!

And we're picky about who takes care of our children. That's why all coaches listed on our platform are subject to stringent eligibility criteria and a demanding selection process that includes detailed background checks to root out untrained and unqualified coaches.

We personally screen all our coaches so that your child is assured of a safe environment to learn, have fun, and grow.

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