Majestic. Magnificent.‘Manta-stic’

Fun fact: Manta Rays never stop swimming. They keep moving in order to create a current of water which is rich in oxygen, for their gills to breathe.

Mantas are among the most majestic of all marine creatures. They capture the imaginations of anyone who have caught a glimpse of them magnificently gliding in the water. Spanning up to 9 meters from wing to wing, manta rays look like UFOs from below. If you ever get a chance to dive with them, look up. Lights would not beam down, neither will you be abducted by aliens, but something under both their bellies and fins may surprise you.

Yep, that’s right.

A school of remora fish. These fish attach themselves to the gentle giants for an easy breezy journey, gaining protection from the maternal warmth of the Mantas. Isn’t that just ‘Manta-stic’?

Cos, We’re Manta Be

Everyone needs to learn how to swim. Whether a child is still an infant, toddler, preschooler or older, all swimming lessons will start with the basics. Children of age six and older are more physically and mentally mature than their younger counterparts, so they generally learn somewhat quicker. However, the primary goal is to meet each individual at their level of development: to create the trust & relationship which is essential in teaching anyone to swim, to create a positive perception in swimming for engaging it as a fun and rewarding activity, and to introduce them to and help them master the water safety awareness and aquatic skills that every child should be equipped with.

Reflecting the nurturing aptitude of the Manta Rays, we at MantaPlay, take up the matronly role in guiding and directing you to the right swimming coaches for your child. We strongly believe that our handpicked pool of well-trained coaches will be able to take your children under their wings and mentor them to be future aquatic champions.


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All our coaches are trained to focus on—and adapt to—each student's unique needs and are passionate about water safety. But, there are some MOST WANTEDs who 'make waves and turn heads'!

Fransisca Wijaya

Hi hi.. I started to learn swimming at the age of 6 & afraid of water ! Won bronze medal for 200m fr..


Jina Woo

I started swimming competitively at the age of 5, it's been my passion ever since then. Through the ..


Sze Yee Eng

I am a passionate coach and have programme that suit all ages and stages. I believe that everyone ha..


Alex Lee Kok Heng

NROC registered swimming coach. Also MOE (CCA- Swimming) registered coach.Had been coaching individu..


David Er Poh Guan

Good day! Learn to swim and enjoy for life. Swimmers are trained not born. Through proper guidance t..


Wein Ng Kum Weng

Fun, Sporty, ResponsiblernrnPlaying with water is in every kid's nature. Learning how to swim effici..


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